“Superyacht ‘Sherakhan’ inviting 20 youngsters for a unique excursion”

“Then, at least you have a very clear way to go. That’s what we did and Manon is exceptional. She has some great ideas, though sometimes they were too crazy, and I had some great ideas but sometimes they were too crazy. We’d put a brake on each other, working for hours.”

"Natural, Healthy and Recognizable food is fundamental"

"To guarantee a smooth-running charter experience for guests, Smulders has daily meetings with the yacht’s Hotel Manager Manon de Wit, planning each meal including where it will be served, themes and wine pairings. It is a crucial working relationship for a well-oiled charter yacht,"

“I wanted to make her more elegant again, younger, brighter and more modern,” explains de Wit, who played a big part in the refit. “I really like to listen to the client and it [the refit] makes it possible to adjust the boat exactly to their wishes, because it is a blank page and it is yours as a client to fill it.”


14 years

100+ charters

3 refits

1 rebuild